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#1652 Speed Kills

November 24, 2022

Today Dr. Drew is joined once again by Mike Catherwood as Mike spends much of the episode regaling Dr. Drew with the story of his trip into the desert to buy drugs and his encounter with ‘Vamp’. This leads to a larger conversation on meth and other street drugs and the disastrous outcomes that they lead to. The conversation then surprisingly turns to former President John F. Kennedy as Mike explores how he too was using some of the same drugs, even if it was under doctor’s supervision. As the show wraps up the guys discuss some of their frustrations with the current state of addiction medicine.

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#1651 Complete Disregard For People’s Health

November 22, 2022

Dr. Drew and Mike are back at it today and they open the phones by going straight to the phones to speak to a caller looking to thank them for their work together in the Loveline days. They also speak about Mike’s podcast and how it morphed away from the Loveline style and more into topics of Mike’s personal interest. They also discuss the motivation behind Mike’s move out of California and harken back to the time that Dr. Drew gave Mike a flu shot live on Loveline and what happened as a result. As the show wraps up, Drew questions Mike about his online obsessions with beautiful women and how it manifests today as opposed to their Loveline days.

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#1650 Rudy

November 20, 2022

This week Adam is away so Dr. Drew is joined by his OTHER long running Loveline co-host Mike Catherwood zooming in from Austin. Mike and Drew discuss Mike’s experiences with Covid both as an Angeleno and since his move from LA to Austin, TX. Later, we are joined by Mike’s friend and past guest Rudy who gives an update on his life and the lives of his children. As the show wraps up Mike comes back and Drew gives the audience an idea of what it’s like to be in a text conversation with Mike.

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#1649 You Sound Marginalized

November 17, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking with a variety of callers who mostly want to talk about the aftermath of Covid. They also speak to a caller who wants to know how vaccination may be viewed in the future and if there is a chance that vaccine users may end up having to pay higher insurance premiums because the vaccine has put them at higher risk for heart issues. They also speak with a caller who is disagreeing with his radiologist wife about whether to booster their children or not.

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