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#1219: What’s In My Head Is In Your Head

January 23, 2020

Adam and Drew open the show discussing Adam Schiff and their feelings about him as a politician representing the district that both Adam & Drew live in. They also discuss the recent news that FEMA trailers will be coming to California to attempt to help with the rampant homelessness issue we are facing. The guys then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who recently saw & loved the Shelby American documentary and has thoughts on teaching virtue.

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#1218: I Don’t Think Ping Pong Is The Answer

January 21, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show continuing a conversation from Monday’s show about Henry Ford’s museum that he was building to harken back to the founding of the country while at the same time being on the forefront of industrial innovation. The conversation turns to screens and how they and their byproducts are flying further in the face of what Ford was trying to avoid. The guys also discuss some of the recent comments made by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the state of our stock market as they examine her fundamental misunderstanding of the issue at hand. As the show winds down, the guys turn to the phones and speak to a caller with questions about his son.

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#1217: But No One Understands Him Like His Lady

January 19, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the rampant distortion that is occurring in today’s click bait media culture, specifically as it was applied recently to Dennis Prager’s comments about Anne Frank and Dr. Drew’s comment on this show about MAYBE running for Adam Schiff’s seat in congress. Adam then shares a story about a recent trip to the show he took with his daughter and her friends, specifically highlighting the ineptitude they discovered that even the kids were outraged by. The guys also discuss Henry Ford and his obsession with maintaining the history of his time while simultaneously being at the forefront of innovation.

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#1216: Are You Allergic To Wisdom?

January 16, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing Dr. Drew’s rekindled love for ‘The Love Boat’ as Adam explains his theory behind the value in examining commercials and popular entertainment of a time period as it represents what our society is like during that time. They also discuss a specific episode of ‘The Love Boat’ and examine it in depth, with a twist.

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