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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1676 I Have To Be Accurate!

February 2, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew asking a benign question about the state of Adam’s studio parking lot that leads to a lengthy explanation about Adam’s experience with the process. Adam also explains the experience that he often has with people responding nonsensically or dismissively to things that are said to them. Adam goes on to explain how important it is for people to have the instinct to question their own role in things as a default setting.

#1675 Arms Folded, Eyebrow Raised

January 31, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent news that many European nations have stopped vaccinating people under the age of 50 and the somewhat dubious reason they have used to justify that decision, leading Adam to explain his new default setting for EVERYTHING. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller with a question about a recent Project Veritas video surrounding Pfizer. They also speak with a caller who wants to highlight a service that aims to redistribute inherited wealth to align with social justice initiatives.

#1674 They’re Our Clients

January 29, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show harkening back to Adam’s childhood specifically when it came to his mother and her relationship with money.  They also discuss ebbs and flows of our society and how the general attitude of society has shifted and repeated the same general ideas over and over. Adam then plays for Dr. Drew a clip from 60 Minutes of a new Biden Administration health official talking about obesity. They also speak to a caller with a theory surrounding the origins of Covid and what Dr. Fauci knew, and specifically when he knew it looking back on the timelines of Covid.

Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1673 I Know Where This Is Going

January 26, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing a recent story about an NHL player who refused to wear a pride themed jersey as a result of his Russian Orthodox religious beliefs. Adam uses the story to opine on a larger theme of progressive movements and how they appear to be one thing on their face but are really about something larger behind the scenes. Drew also discusses his experience speaking at a memorial for Aaron Carter and a security guard who took him aside to go down memory lane about a Loveline joke he still remembers.

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