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#1722 Just Shut Up

May 21, 2023

Adam remembers how people told him to “just shut up” during the pandemic and explains why he refused so he would be on record the day data came out. Next, they take a call from someone with questions about FDA regulations.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1721 The Ultimate F*** You

May 18, 2023

Adam and Drew take a deep dive into the reason CDC Director Rochelle Walensky resigned. Next, Adam revisits his greatest moment of all time where he delivered the ultimate “FU”.

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#1720 Portable Dishwashers

May 17, 2023

People cancelling dish washers leads Adam to explain his process of cleaning dishes. Which of course leads Adam to remember his terrible childhood kitchen. Meanwhile, he solves the mystery of the curious metal rods popping up in his neighborhood.

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