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#1271 You Can’t All Just DO This

May 17, 2020

Adam opens the show recounting to Dr. Drew an exceptionally vexing experience he had involving semi gloss paint and a new phenomenon, the magical spackle. The conversation then turns to the idea of memory and how awful memories are despite people’s extreme confidence in them. Using this lens they discuss Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations and the differences between the way the male mind thinks as opposed to the female mind and how the delineation between the two is becoming very much blurred. As the show wraps up Adam tells Drew about a sensible tweet he saw online from a politician and the reaction it elicited from him.

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#1270 The Feelings Hopper

May 14, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show continuing their discussions from earlier in the week and specifically expanding upon the question of if we would be best served by having more religion reintroduced into our country. Drew takes a slight detour as a result of a text he got from Chris Hardwick about a medical emergency and his reluctance to go to the hospital for fear of COVID-19 exposure, leading to a larger conversation about the way our society is viewing and reacting to the pandemic situation.


#1269 Death of Math, Judgement & Judging

May 12, 2020

Adam and Drew open the show continuing their discussion about death, the death of math and the death of facts. They also discuss the built in ‘fear gear’ that humans have built into themselves as a means of self preservation and how the current state of news media is over exercising that gear to an extreme degree leading to much more fear. They also examine a new PSA that was put out by HBO regarding the pandemic and give their thoughts on why they consider it a terrible and possibly even dangerous message.


#1268 They Might Let You Do That

May 10, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew recalling a recent conversation he had with their mutual friend Mark Geragos who is attempting to sue the city and the state of California for government overreaching. Adam then discusses an email he got from one of his representatives and the misleading language used therein. As the show winds up, Adam brings the conversation to a recent guest from The Adam Carolla Show, Dr. David Katz and what he had to say on the topics of nursing homes and the coronavirus pandemic.

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