Jeffrey Malinovitz

#171: Guest Host – Jeffrey Malinovitz

August 30, 2014


Jeffrey Malinovitz returns to join Dr. Drew to discuss his brand new stand up special ‘Bare’ out today on Netflix. Drew also reveals that he recently sat next to Kate Upton on a flight back from New York. Later in the show they take phone calls and answer questions from fans. Superfan Sidebar >>

One thought on “#171: Guest Host – Jeffrey Malinovitz

  1. stevo

    I just signed the petition and called NETFLIX to save LEGIT and get more episodes. If you love Jim Jefferies and his show LEGIT you can sign the petition at this link

    and you can call NETFLIX at 1 866-658-3608. You will talk to a real person in their customer service department and tell them how much you appreciate LEGIT being on NETFLIX and how you would love to see them fund a few more seasons.

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