Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1768 All News is Bull

September 14, 2023

Adam & Dr. Drew debate about truth or fiction in our news, citing specific news stations and examples. Dr. Drew comments that we’re currently experiencing an environment of ‘grandiose caring’ that has created a strange reality ripe for victimhood and cancel culture. Next Adam & Dr. Drew embark on a Yoko Ono music critique.

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#1767 Cancel Culture & Shady Politicians

September 12, 2023

Adam & Dr. Drew welcome comedian Chrissie Mayr to the show where she shares her recent cancel culture experiences, and why some videos of her went viral. Adam recalls a trip to Catalina Island and an experience there he found frustrating along with some Democratic politicians that particularly sparked Adam’s ire.

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#1766 Adam’s Grandma Isn’t a Fan

September 10, 2023

Adam & Dr. Drew begin the show talking about the recent death of Smash Mouth lead singer, Steve Harwell. Dr. Drew has some insight into the details of his illness, and both Adam and Dr. Drew relate on what a nice and affable person Steve was. They next discuss personality differences in people, and Adam shares a hilarious video of his grandma talking smack about him.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1765 Conspiracy Theories & Facts

September 7, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew confer over the recent fires in Maui, and they both mention how humans
become paranoid when the news and government restrict access to information. What is first a
possible conspiracy theory, can very likely become fact, and it can be difficult to discern the
difference. As an example, they mention how the FDA refuses to release data on certain
medical information. They go on to observe how hysterics are so pervasive today, and Dr.
Drew attempts to assess when the last time in history society was like this, querying maybe 16th century witch trials.

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