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BEST OF: #1269 Death of Math, Judgement & Judging (originally aired May 2020)

December 28, 2021

Adam and Drew open the show continuing their discussion about death, the death of math and the death of facts. They also discuss the built in ‘fear gear’ that humans have built into themselves as a means of self preservation and how the current state of news media is over exercising that gear to an extreme degree leading to much more fear. They also examine a new PSA that was put out by HBO regarding the pandemic and give their thoughts on why they consider it a terrible and possibly even dangerous message.


BEST OF #1268 They Might Let You Do That (originally aired May 2020)

December 26, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew recalling a recent conversation he had with their mutual friend Mark Geragos who is attempting to sue the city and the state of California for government overreaching. Adam then discusses an email he got from one of his representatives and the misleading language used therein. As the show winds up, Adam brings the conversation to a recent guest from The Adam Carolla Show, Dr. David Katz and what he had to say on the topics of nursing homes and the coronavirus pandemic.

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BEST OF #1225 If You Believe, You Leave (originally aired Feb 2020)

August 19, 2021

Adam and Drew open the show with Adam telling Drew about a recent tweet he saw that sent him down a rabbit hole to learn what Glynn Washington was up to these days. The guys play an interview that Adam did with Glynn, recorded the day after Donald Trump’s election and review what his thinking was that day juxtaposed against things that have, or haven’t happened during Trump’s Presidency. As the show wraps up the guys discuss memories and how they reconstruct in imperfect ways.

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BEST OF #1224 No Better Time To Have Herpes (originally aired Feb 2020)

August 17, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing some of the interesting advertisements that Adam sees in airports around the country that confuse him as there’s no real way to discern what they’re advertising. The conversation then turns to ‘chick think’ and how things like tributes to Cecil the lion & bracelets on grown men should be seen as indicators to those who are observant. The conversation then turns to the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant as Dr. Drew recounts a story he has about an interaction with Kobe during a game and a subsequent phone conversation about Jodi Arias.

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