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#1785 Ruination Era

October 31, 2023

Dr. Drew once again joins virtually from Florida as they are joined by Chris Laxamana, who is ready to dish out some news! They discuss pharmaceutical giants going after children, the future of the next generation, and the end of the 9-5 work day?

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

BEST OF: #504: Mr. Vaginismus

October 19, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew head straight to the phones this episode and speak to a variety of callers including one who has a question about getting his girlfriend to be more giving in the oral department as they’re having trouble with intercourse. They also speak to a gentlemen who is wondering about the effects of marijuana smoke on young children. They also speak to an alcoholic who is trying to figure out the way to get treatment given her work and family situation and a caller with questions about seizures in young people.

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#1747 Complicated Culture Shifts in Dating, Marriage, & Parenting

July 18, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew welcomes Florence Anne, a childcare advocate and nanny who
discusses parenting and even dating in this new millennium. They discuss a new, post
Covid phenomenon affecting kids, but especially males, coined, the “friendship
recession”. In addition, the data on young females with the all consuming social media
reality of today, is deplorable. They also consider this new culture shift of male and
female dynamics, along with the pros and cons of these realities both in dating and
marriage. Florence and Dr. Drew have two surprising takes on what it’s like trying to
meet someone at a bar today.

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#1740 Blowhard vs. Liar

July 2, 2023

Dr. Drew tells us who is more likely to be a narcissist. They worry about the state of the world the narcissists in charge are leaving for everyone’s children. Finally they discuss why people seem to like liars more than blowhards.

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