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#1308 An Electronic Burning of the Books

August 4, 2020

Adam and Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking to a caller who wants to talk to the guys about a video being scrubbed from the internet featuring doctors discussing Hydroxychloroquine. They then change gears and speak to a caller about one of their favorite subjects, The Love Boat. As the show wraps up the conversation turns to the amount of loss that the guys would deem as acceptable as a result of covid.

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#1303 Going Full Vinnie

July 23, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the different ways that they have implemented the various wisdom of both Vinnie Tortorich and Adam’s nanny Olga into their everyday lives. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who has been working in data analysis for some time and is concerned with people’s lack of ability in that area, especially related to covid. They also speak with an orthopedic surgeon who wants to discuss the future when it comes to covid, elections and beyond. They also speak to a caller suffering from a medical ailment and another who wants to discuss the national debt.

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#1289 It Would Be Problematic

June 21, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show harkening back to their favorite 1970s TV Show ‘Love Boat’ before they turn the conversation toward the current state of Covid and the media coverage surrounding it. Later the guys go to the phones and speak with a caller with questions about some of Jimmy Kimmel’s political stances and what they mean for the business he’s in and they discuss the recent news that Jimmy will host the 2020 Emmys.

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#1272 It Should Be Embarrassing To You

May 19, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing a recent conversation Adam got into with his wife and daughter regarding the possibility of an upcoming trip to Florida and the family kerfuffle that ensued when a story about a new disease arose in the days leading up to the trip. The conversation evolves into a larger discussion about fear based thinking and they discuss recent comment by California Representative Ted Lieu as well as by Tesla founder & C.E.O. Elon Musk.

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