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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1559 Envy Is The Thing, Man

April 14, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with the long promised Jon Stewart clip leading to a conversation about race in America and the difference between the racial reality as opposed to how it is presented in the media. They also discuss even & narcissism and then turn to the phones to speak with a caller who has questions about the impact of years of lockdowns. The guys also review a recent viral clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci from the early 2000s singing a very different tune than we’ve heard recently during the Covid pandemic.

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#1036: The Path To The Grape

March 20, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing mental health and the wide array of things that are very good for people that are largely available for free or near free to most average Americans. The guys then go to the phones and speak to a young caller with some questions about genital warts. They also discuss comedy and how Adam views it in relation to joy, specifically using The Adam Carolla Show 10 year anniversary celebration as an example.

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#1004: I Speak Fluent Adam

January 31, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew discussing fake news and lack of logic and how those fairly new ideas have quickly and radically changed the discourse of a large cross section of Americans. They then welcome in Jordan Harbinger and the discussion continues as they examine the changes in our society that have quickly come to fruition.

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#995: The Pearls of Wisdom

January 20, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open up the show discussing the idea of toxic masculinity as well as the idea of equality of outcome and how those two ideas may be impacting the current state of our society. They then turn to the phones and speak to a variety of callers including one suffering from back pain and another who is concerned that his young child has been exhibiting a limp.

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