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#1767 Cancel Culture & Shady Politicians

September 12, 2023

Adam & Dr. Drew welcome comedian Chrissie Mayr to the show where she shares her recent cancel culture experiences, and why some videos of her went viral. Adam recalls a trip to Catalina Island and an experience there he found frustrating along with some Democratic politicians that particularly sparked Adam’s ire.

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#1367 Drew’s Vaccine Voyage

January 5, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking with a New York caller who wants to discuss the Eric Swalwell situation which quickly evolves to include discussions about the Covid situations in both New York and California and how hypocritical the mandates have become. They then turn to a caller who had found success in using marijuana to treat his multiple sclerosis only to discover he had lung cancer. Drew then launches into the odyssey that was his unsuccessful attempt to get the vaccine and expresses his outright disgust and rage and the way things are currently being managed within the healthcare system.

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