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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1765 Conspiracy Theories & Facts

September 7, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew confer over the recent fires in Maui, and they both mention how humans
become paranoid when the news and government restrict access to information. What is first a
possible conspiracy theory, can very likely become fact, and it can be difficult to discern the
difference. As an example, they mention how the FDA refuses to release data on certain
medical information. They go on to observe how hysterics are so pervasive today, and Dr.
Drew attempts to assess when the last time in history society was like this, querying maybe 16th century witch trials.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1742 Calibrate the Data

July 6, 2023

Adam and Drew start this episode by talking about COVID deniers and the impact on the education of future generations. They discuss news we get that requires us to look deeper at other sources of information for the news, especially from those that have been canceled. Finally they discuss the mental gymnastics we see from the people at the top and the suppresion of information.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1586 Suck It Up if You’re Scared

June 16, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing recent comments made surrounding the disinformation czar. They also speak to a wide variety of callers and review some comments made recently by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley suggesting that he was provided information that the government’s new ‘misinformation department’ was seeking to work with social media companies to monitor citizens with beliefs they did not approve of.

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#1572 No, It’s Lying

May 15, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent trouble that Adam got into with his YouTube account being suspended over comments made about Covid. They explore the fact that while YouTube’s standard is to match the WHO hardline and examine the times that the WHO has been wrong or moved the goalposts on what they consider to be fact at the time. They also discuss Stanford professor Jay Bhattacharya and his struggles to attempt to get information out during the Covid pandemic while being stymied by public health officials at every turn – and Adam harkens back to his very early pandemic obsession with ages. They also discuss the extremes that people go to when discussing subjects like Covid and how insane it makes people appear.
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