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#1651 Complete Disregard For People’s Health

November 22, 2022

Dr. Drew and Mike are back at it today and they open the phones by going straight to the phones to speak to a caller looking to thank them for their work together in the Loveline days. They also speak about Mike’s podcast and how it morphed away from the Loveline style and more into topics of Mike’s personal interest. They also discuss the motivation behind Mike’s move out of California and harken back to the time that Dr. Drew gave Mike a flu shot live on Loveline and what happened as a result. As the show wraps up, Drew questions Mike about his online obsessions with beautiful women and how it manifests today as opposed to their Loveline days.

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#1553 Zero Tolerance Situation

March 31, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the Netflix documentary series ‘Bad Vegan’ and the psychology behind the people involved. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller who has thoughts & questions about how this show differs from the original iterations of ‘Loveline’. Adam also brings up the new Netflix show ‘Is It A Cake?’ as he illustrates how he reveres the artistry behind the cakes. They also discuss childhood sexual abuse and the insidious nature of victims turning into perpetrators and how pornography plays into the situation as well.

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