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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1619 I Can Solve This With Fudge

September 8, 2022

Drew opens up the show discussing the recently advanced Bill 2098 in California that would allow for medical doctors to be punished for disseminating “medical misinformation” and what wide ranging implications such a law could bring. They also speak with a caller who has questions about the omicron variant and how we are approaching combating it. Adam also tells Drew a story about Sonny who is actively attempting to remain calm and alleviate anxiety and the advice Adam gave him along the way with an unexpected assist from Jay Leno along the way. They also speak to a caller with thoughts about Covid messaging. As the show wraps up Drew points to some people who have seen the light when it comes to Covid and his eagerness to point those corrections out and welcome them back to the fold.

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#1606 She Has a Feeling as a Mom

August 2, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the idea of being very good at something and how that’s empowering for employees who are capable enough to not be bullied. Adam also recounts some of his own experiences with getting bullied by those who thought they were in a position of power and how he dealt with the situations. They also speak to callers including one who wants Drew to inspire doctors to revolt against the Covid misinformation plaguing our media. Adam also revisits a clip of Gavin Newsom on The Adam Carolla Show discussing homelessness. As the show wraps up they speak with a caller who is questioning the ongoing use of emergency use authorizations still in use for the Covid vaccine.

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