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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1457 Medicine is a Dialogue

August 5, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking with a caller who believes that we have a problem with narcissism when it comes to our elected officials. They also speak with a caller who is poised to become a step parent and is looking for parenting advice. They also speak to a caller who wants to discuss the general public attitude shift that came from covid and if it will shift back. They also talk to a caller who noticed an interesting qualifier in a hospital commercial.

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#1411 How Dare You!

April 18, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing Drew’s unusual reaction to the vaccine and the concerns surrounding his unexplained black eye. Adam then shows Drew a clip of a doctor testifying in the George Floyd trial who has some outside the box thoughts on the effects of smoking. Drew then pivots the conversation to a recent interview he did with an expert on spite and the guys discuss the general idea of spite and how it manifests.

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#1335 Narcissism is Like Termites

October 13, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing narcissism and how it’s an idea that needs to be nurtured. They also harken back to the days of commercials for truck driving schools that have since gone by the wayside. This leads to a larger conversation about the changes that technology have brought to our society and why the ‘benefits’ are enabling people to lean in to their worst instincts. Later they go to the phones and speak to a caller with thoughts on mental illness, another who wants to discuss SNL and more.

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#1247: He’s Feeding Your Weakness

March 24, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show continuing their conversation about the coronavirus situation and the wild mischaracterizations that are coming out of the news media. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who wants Adam & Drew’s thoughts on how we should balance the care for the elderly with the health of the economy. They also speak to a caller who is experiencing panic attacks and is looking for the guys thoughts & advice on the topic.

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