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#1203: The More You Do, The More You Do

December 9, 2019

Adam and Drew open the show with Drew continuing his praise about Adam’s ‘Shelby American’ documentary – available now at chassy.com. They also discuss the idea of hard work and how many people seem unwilling and unable to understand the concept of working a few weekends a year in an effort to get ahead. They then turn to the phones and speak to a previous caller who took A&D’s advice and wanted to thank them and give them an update on the situation & another looking for advice on how to deal with some concerning messages his son is getting from teachers at school.

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#1019: You’re A Pothole Hitter

February 21, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by going straight to the phones and speaking with a caller who is looking to come off pain medication as well as another who wants to ask Adam about one of his never realized movie ideas surrounding the Harlem Globetrotters. The guys also speak to a caller who has thoughts on the impending self driving trucks and how they’ll impact the workforce. Adam also tells a story about our own Mike Lynch.

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