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#996: Swimming In His Own Lies

January 21, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking about New Years resolutions which quickly leads to an examination of the difference between the cold shower and the submersion in an ice cold pool. They then watch a clip of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discussing the state of wealth, leading to a conversation about what the messages politicians send do to their constituents. They also turn to the phones and speak to a caller who is concerned about his daughter’s sugar intake.

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#984: North To Alaska

December 26, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by heading straight to the phones and speaking to a young listener who is seeking advice on how to do something nice for her father as a birthday present. They then talk to another caller from the Atlanta area who is looking for advice on how to approach his wife about them getting into counseling but gets sidetracked before he’s able to ask his question.

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#960: I Yell At The People I Like The Most

November 22, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the recent calls from the left to make President Trump release his tax returns and the unfortunate reality of how wealthy people interact with and attempt to defeat the tax code within the confines of the law. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who has been on the no carb diet for a few months and is noticing some mood irregularity.

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#958: Bubblegum For Dinner

November 20, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with an unconventional method of introduction before transitioning to a conversation about health. They also discuss some of the questionable music choices made by the facility that Adam went to for his colonoscopy as well as a song he was assaulted with upon getting into his wife’s car. They also turn to the phones and speak to a caller who is on Dr. Drew’s diet and seeing great results.

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