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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1291 You’re Too Far Gone

June 25, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show by turning straight to the phones and speaking with a caller who is obese and dealing with a food addiction. They also speak to a caller who recently suffered the loss of his girlfriend and is looking for advice on how to cope with the situation. Drew then turns the conversation to the idea of rigid feelings that people marry themselves to and asks Adam if he has ever considered strategies to use in attempting to get people to move away from those ideas.

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#1254: Be Your Own Parole Officer

April 9, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show attempting to peer into the future and try to envision how the world will be different in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic & shutdown. After discussing things like working remotely from home and food delivery the conversation turns toward Love Boat & TJ Hooker as Adam & Drew discuss recent episodes they’ve seen and what they’ve gleaned from studying them. As the show winds down the conversation then turns to the stimulus packages as they guys give their thoughts on the plans and Adam makes a prediction about how many will apply their stimulus checks.

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