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#1140: Fight For Your Right To Flight

August 27, 2019

Adam opens today’s episode of The Adam and Drew Show talking about Alyssa Milano’s Podcast and an out-of-touch guest that was on recently. Then the guys talk to a caller wondering how to increase his testosterone. Before they wrap, Adam and Drew take another call from a guy wondering what he should do after his ex wife abandoned him and their children.

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#970: So Our Country Is Better Than Your Country, And That’s Good

December 6, 2018

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew complaining that he’s noticed within the medical community that each time a new crop of doctors come into the field they unnecessarily change things simply for the purpose of putting their own spin on things. This leads Adam to broaden Drew’s point and explain to him how it’s not relegated to the medical field but is pervasive all throughout our society.

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