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#1554 Close Enough, with Adam Carolla

April 3, 2022

Adam opens the show talking to Dr. Drew about the early stages of his employment and his distaste with government intervention into those kinds of negotiations. They also discuss the recent news that Bruce Willis is stepping away from acting due to health issues as Drew gives his thoughts on what his family is saying about his illness. Later they turn to the phones and speak with a Culver City resident who wants to discuss the proposal by Culver City Councilmembers to expand an existing homeless encampment by eliminating public parking. As the show winds down they speak to another caller who wants to hear about the guys’ relationships with their parents.

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#1253: Zero Gratitude, All Attitude

April 7, 2020

Adam and Drew open the show discussing parents, both their own and their experience of being parents as they lament how they are treated by those they have dedicated their lives to raising and providing a life for. Adam and Drew then go on the examine the close relationship between fear, pain & shame and how the three are very much interconnected and how those emotions play into the behavior of our younger generation.

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