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#1471 This is Very Un-Fresh Prince

September 14, 2021

Adam Ray is back and the guys open up the show paying off a lot of side by side images teased from the last show. Adam Ray also tells Adam about the recent acting gigs and Adam teases the opening to another wild 1960s TV show that he wants to show at the end of the show. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to a caller with an intriguing hypothetical question. After paying off his tease, Adam Carolla has his mind blown by his co-host as they examine a 1995 classic yet often forgotten Elijah Wood film.

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#1470 The McGinley Theorem

September 12, 2021

Adam Ray joins the show filling in for a traveling Dr. Drew and they open up with an improv scene involving the absent Dr. Drew. They also explore Dr. Drew’s acting career including in the Olsen twin movie ‘New York Minute’ leading to a tangent about Full House. Adam also recounts the strange phenomenon in TV where actors would be replaced to play the exact same character without any mention of the change.

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#1146: Let’s Just Go Home & Die

September 5, 2019

Adam and Drew open the show with Adam telling Drew some of the things that he’s been seeing as a result of his evening trips around town to The Comedy Store and various other clubs. They also discuss the evil picture that is painted of our corrections system and Adam tells Drew about Thomas Sowell’s ‘A Tale of Two Blackouts’. As the show wraps up, we get a hot Partridge Family update as Adam discovers some very questionable language in an old episode.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1128: There’s Nothing In That For Us

August 1, 2019

Adam opens today’s episode of The Adam and Drew Show continuing his conversation from the last show about The Partridge Family. Then the guys take a call from a combat veteran wanting to comment on how right Adam is when it comes to his take on video games. Before they wrap, Adam and Drew talk about equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome.

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