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#1035: I’m Confused AND Rageful

March 19, 2019

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing the difference between sociopathy and psychology with a tilt toward how Adam interprets the actions he sees in those around him. Adam also tells a story about a recent interaction that he had with his documentary co-producer Nate Adams trying to shoot something after Adam expressly asked him not to. Drew also brings up the Trolley Problem thought experiment in a few different variations and gets Adam’s thoughts on what he would do when faced with that problem.

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#1034: My Dad Was A Coward

March 18, 2019

Adam and Drew open the show continuing their conversation about Macaw’s. Adam then tells Drew about his recent conversation with his dad and Drew responds by talking with Adam about psychopathy. Before they wrap, Adam continues to talk about his dad and then pitches a new web series on planing doors.

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