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#1546 Being In The World

March 15, 2022

Dr. Drew opens the show telling Adam about a neuroscientist that he recently got to interview because he’s spent the last ten years studying Vladimir Putin, which is now wildly relevant. They also discuss that doctor’s realization that he fits a disturbing brain profile that he discovered accidentally while doing a controlled study. Later they turn to the phones and speak to a caller who has suffered from suicides around him and is wondering what’s being done to address the issue.

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#1543 Vile & Evil

March 8, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing some of the content and bizarre moments from President Biden’s recent State of the Union address. They also discuss the insanity of things that we consider to be big societal problems here at home when viewed against the backdrop of Russia invading in an attempt to take over their neighbors in Ukraine. They also review a clip from a recent episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and use it as a starting point in examining language and how it has evolved, or devolved, in recent years. As the show wraps up we hear about a recent interaction between Adam & his mother.

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#1540 Outrage Fatigue

March 1, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing Three’s Company as Adam highlights to Dr. Drew how the show’s opening changed from the early seasons to the later ones. They also examine the factual nature of Amazon Prime’s ‘Being The Ricardos’ claiming that at the peak, ‘I Love Lucy’ was watched by 60 million people. They also speak to a caller who has a new idea for how to signal without wearing a mask that you are a covid ally. They also speak with a caller who has thoughts on the lack of personal responsibility possibly being the common denominator for society’s ills.

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#1509 We Live In A Post Factual World

December 12, 2021

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show with Drew revealing one of the aesthetics to watch in 2021 and how it related closely to our response to Covid. As they continue to discuss the response to Covid, specifically in California and how it’s impacting Adam’s children at their school. Drew also marvels at the religious nature surrounding mask wearing in California and breaks down the news surrounding the new variant and how the media has been reacting. Drew harkens back to the development of the AIDS epidemic and recounts some of the mistakes that were made but still can be viewed logically and how that differs from Covid. As the show wraps up they speak with a caller who is working for the US Census and wants their opinions.

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