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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1351 Better Than Turning Late

November 19, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing a recent news item surrounding a doctor picked for Joe Biden’s Covid taskforce who said that he believes life after 75 years old is more costly than it’s worth. Adam and Drew also explore Adam’s stance on things and his recent revelation about two issues on which he has changed his mind over the years. They then turn to the phones and speak to callers with questions about Adam’s Los Angeles area real estate purchases, Dr. Drew’s former show Celebrity Rehab and much more!

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1312 The Umbrella of Safety

August 20, 2020

Adam and Dr. Drew dive straight back into The Love Boat as they examine the questionable behavior of the ship’s doctor. They then turn to the phones and speak with a real estate developer who wants to discuss the outrageously high cost of low income housing. As they continue to dissect The Love Board the conversation turns to Rosey Grier and they harken back to ‘The Thing With Two Heads’ and it’s insane trailer. They also speak to a caller who is curious about retrograde ejaculation.

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