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#1650 Rudy

November 20, 2022

This week Adam is away so Dr. Drew is joined by his OTHER long running Loveline co-host Mike Catherwood zooming in from Austin. Mike and Drew discuss Mike’s experiences with Covid both as an Angeleno and since his move from LA to Austin, TX. Later, we are joined by Mike’s friend and past guest Rudy who gives an update on his life and the lives of his children. As the show wraps up Mike comes back and Drew gives the audience an idea of what it’s like to be in a text conversation with Mike.

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#1240: Mikey Likes It

March 8, 2020

Dr. Drew is joined by Mike Catherwood this week and they open the show discussing gender roles including the new ‘Mikey’ in the famous Life Cereal commercials from days past that has recently been updated. They also discuss consent and how that concept has evolved in the world today and Drew gives an update on the book he and his daughter are in the process of writing on that topic. Before the show wraps up, Drew brings in Mike’s good friend Rudy and asks about his experiences from the days when he was incarcerated.

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#1174: Ruudddyyyy

October 16, 2019

Drew and Mike are back together today and they’re joined by a friend of Mike’s the always wild Rudy. After going over some of the family dynamics Rudy’s been dealing with at home they get into a little of his history as Rudy explains the ways his views have changed as he’s matured. As the show winds up Drew and Mike discuss some of the words that get overused especially in the Southern California area.

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