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#1787 Evangelizing Hysterics

November 5, 2023

Adam and Dr. Drew begin the week by discussing the recent passing of actor, Matthew Perry, Drew explains the stronghold of addiction, relapsing, and all the rumors & speculations surrounding the incident. Plus, Adam shares the recent developments on Spain’s female soccer team kiss-celebration, and Scott Galloway has found his accountability.

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#1582 Full Tard Libsville

June 7, 2022

Still out in Middle East, Drew describes the view from his hotel where he can see Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in the distance. Adam explains his theory as to why there are so many 3/4 finished structures in Mexico and the idea of Adam Schiff going on a show where he could get called out. They take a call from a man traveling through Spain who says people are still wearing masks despite the mandates being lifted.

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