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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1658 Gravely Disabled

December 8, 2022

Drew and Mark pick up right where they left off discussing Drew’s thoughts on Elon Musk and his new direction for Twitter. The conversation then turns to the recent and increasingly concerning behavior coming out of Ye who, as we record, walked out in the middle of an interview on Tim Pool’s ‘Timcast’ podcast. The conversation then turns to the drug and mental health problem that has been plaguing our streets as Drew takes Mark on a trip down memory lane to figure out how we got to where we are today.

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#1648 Have You No Shame?

November 15, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking about the changes coming to Twitter after Elon Musk acquired the company in a $44 Billion deal and has been making some large changes including an $8 per month fee to be a verified user on the platform. As the conversation evolves Adam harkens back to a recent clip of President Biden discussing ‘junk fees’ as it relates to air travel and how those fees hit low income and people of color hardest. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who got two doses of the Moderna Covid vaccine and is now concerned that she may have heart issues in the future. They also speak to another caller who thinks Drew has been too reserved in his outward analysis of Covid issues.

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#1615 Sometimes You Just Punt

August 30, 2022

Drew opens the show discussing how he has been engaging with Twitter more and how that has been impacting him in a variety of ways. They also talk about a recent interview that Dr. Drew did where his guest posited that former President Trump’s use of the word Hydroxychloroquine may have been the moment in time that our country’s divide was supercharged. Plus, they take a caller with a “unique” offering from Ted Knight.

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#1596 The Evil Donut Shop

July 10, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing Alex Berenson recently being reinstated to Twitter which quickly leads to his work from years past on marijuana and how his predictions are proving true today. They also discuss Gavin Newsom’s proclamations that’re now being viewed as wildly hypocritical as he himself publicly ignores them. They also speak to a caller who wants their opinions on Newsom’s ads that he ran in Florida. As the show wraps up they cicle back to Alex Berenson’s tweet that got him kicked off twitter and discuss the idea of what most people think when they hear ‘vaccine’ versus what it technically means from a medical standpoint.

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