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#1317 All Roads Lead To Cartoon

September 1, 2020

Adam and Drew open the show with Adam sharing a clip he saw on CNN as they attempt to analyze the CNN commentary that followed. They also discuss the newish phenomenon of news channels adding specific qualifiers to people’s names when discussing them in the context of news. Drew also shares a theory of his regarding television and how it all tends to skew towards animation eventually for one reason or another. They also speak with a caller who is concerned with potential vaccines for fear they have been rushed and more.

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#1311 Sort Of, But Not Really

August 18, 2020

Adam and Drew turn straight to the phones and speak to a variety of callers including one with a question about the coronavirus vaccine, another looking for advice on dealing with an elderly relative whose drinking is getting out of control, a caller looking to thank the guys and more. They then discuss a recent episode of The Love Boat that they both watched, leading to a deep dive on the fascinating life of Dan Rowan and how his story differs wildly from that of present day Americans.

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