#382: Malignant Narcissist

July 25, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show with a more detailed look into Drew’s travel and the different experiences he had in the various countries he visited. This leads to a more expanded conversation on society and human beings and their material motivations in life. They then turn to the phones and talk to callers with various issues including one who recently left her husband and moved out of their home and another who wanted to get Adam & Drew’s thoughts on the so called ‘Retweet Culture’ that we are living in today.


#381: Philly’s Done

July 24, 2016


Adam and Dr. Drew are reunited in studio and they open the show discussing Drew’s time away traveling through Asia and Australia. They also discuss some of the cultural differences, specifically when it comes to the family unit, that Drew experienced when he was traveling abroad. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to a listener whose mother is trying to ween off of Oxycontin and another who is taking anti-depressants that he has questions about.

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#380: The Windbreakers

July 20, 2016


Adam is once again joined by Dave Dameshek for todays episode as Drew wraps up his time abroad. They open the show going to the phones where a caller has a variation on Adam’s famous windbreaker plan originally conceived on this show. They then speak to a caller who considers himself a jack of all trades but he doesn’t enjoy the moniker of ‘Handyman’. Then they speak to a caller who wants Adam’s thoughts on how he turned out so well given his family environment. Superfan Sidebar >>

NFL Cacti

#379: Gurley Commercial

July 19, 2016


Adam is joined by Dave Dameshek filling in for Dr. Drew who is still out of the country but will return soon. The show opens up with Adam and Dave speaking about the return of The Rams to the Los Angeles area. After Adam explains to Dave why he absolutely loves to visit the NFL Network campus they turn to the phones and answer some listener questions including telling the story of how Dave and Adam came to meet. Superfan Sidebar >>