191 Lena

#191: Lena Dunham Is Not A Predator

November 15, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the divide between money and happiness, specifically in the context of a college education. They then get into a discussion about the recent allegations being leveled against Lena Dunham. As the show starts to wrap up they get into a deep conversation about the recent controversies surrounding comedians like Michael Che and Artie Lange. Superfan Sidebar >>

190 ego

#190: Egos

November 12, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing some of their idiosyncrasies and how they’ve impacted their development as they moved into their adult lives. They also discuss some ideas for modifying the show as a result of listener feedback and then roll into listener phone calls. Toward the end of the show Adam and Drew get into a discussion about fairness and being reasonable. Superfan Sidebar >>


#189: Minimum Wage

November 8, 2014


Adam opens the show discussing some history of his views and demonstrating how although people like to say that his views have changed radically there really is very little difference between his views today and his views nearly 20 years ago. They also take calls including one from a soldier who served in Iraq and then presented Ace with a flag he carried with him in combat. Adam then explains to Dr. Drew how he is very close to convincing his wife to forego college for Sonny and Natalia, a thought that deeply offends Drew. As the show wraps up, Drew and Adam explore some of the nuances of minimum wages. Superfan Sidebar >>