185 close quarters

#185: Cigarettes vs Soda

October 25, 2014

Adam and Dr. Drew take some calls from a nursing student with a question about addiction, a father who got some questionable advice from a doctor and someone who wants Drew’s opinion on an elective surgery. Adam also uses a prop from his upcoming movie ‘Road Hard’ to illustrate some of the struggles he deals with in his everyday life. Superfan Sidebar >>

183 Chowder

#183: Food Poisoning

October 18, 2014


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the idea of a level playing field and how our government plays into that idea. They watch a clip of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and debate how the ideas presented on that show are aiming to give people hope, but in reality may be depressing people. As the show winds down they take some listener phone calls and tell old food poisoning war stories. Superfan Sidebar >>