#400: Well Maybe You Did, But You Don’t

August 25, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show touching on the rarely discussed film Taboo 2 and specifically it’s musical composition. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller with a concern about his binge drinking habits. The guys then turn the conversation to Adam’s frustration with certain forms of art and Drew explains that he believes it to be more a problem with hubris than anything else. As the show wraps up they speak to a caller who is wondering about Dr. Drew’s thoughts on adderall and adderall abuse.
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#399: CBD Oil

August 24, 2016


Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking to a caller about the benefits of CBD oil in treating pediatric seizures before Adam transitions into telling Drew about a recent misunderstanding he had with his assistant Matt. They then turn back to the phones and speak to a caller who feels like he has a motor that isn’t necessarily driving him in any direction as well as a former high school football player who is starting to suffer from depression and is concerned about CTE.


#398: Genetics and Adoption

August 22, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing a recent interaction Adam had with Dawson while they were traveling around Europe. The Dawson conversation dovetails nicely into a conversation about a long past trip to Mastros Steakhouse and how it relates to Mike August’s psyche. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to some callers including one with a friend/employee struggling with opioid addiction and another who was adopted wondering if he should try to figure out the genetics of his birth parents.

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#397: Duckbill

August 21, 2016


Adam opens the show talking to Dr. Drew about a realization he had that in the early 2000s that he is now realizing was just simply well ahead of its time. They then turn to the phone and speak to callers including one who is having recurring pain after a back operation. Adam then tells Drew about an experience watching the Rio Olympics with his son Sonny. Later they speak to a caller who is having trouble with a gambling addiction that he is hiding from his wife. Superfan Sidebar >>