#136: Guest Host – Brad Williams

April 20, 2014


Brad Williams is back with Dr. Drew and taking your calls and answering your letters. They talk to a listener whose mother isn’t dealing with her paranoid schizophrenia, another caller who wants to know how to connect with his very closed-off father who just lost his brother and a gentleman looking to propose with a unique question about the protocol of asking his girlfriend’s father.
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#135: Guest Host – Brad Williams

April 17, 2014

Comedian Brad Williams joins Dr. Drew to fill in for Adam who is off shooting his independent film ‘Road Hard’. Brad and Drew discuss Brad’s upbringing especially given his dwarfism and relationship with his parents. The pair also take phone calls and letters from listeners on addiction, feeling like you’re ready for marriage at a young age and how to help relatives who are suffering from bullying.
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#134: Old Has Become A Pejorative

April 13, 2014

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing some current events and a recent interaction Adam had with Dennis Prager. They discuss the idea of ‘wisdom’ and how it seems to be something that was once valued but is now largely dismissed as being somehow out of touch. They also take listener phone calls from a stepmother concerned that her stepson is a loser headed nowhere and a caller suffering from depression looking for advise about his antidepressants. Superfan Sidebar >>