#524: There is an Evil Story That’s Not Being Told

February 24, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the opiate problem in America today and how Drew believes that although there were drug companies and states acting irresponsibly, the real story is that of Suboxone and the company behind the so-called treatment drug. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who happens to have a question about opiate addiction leading to an expanded version of the conversation already in progress.

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#523: No Right On Red Bullshit

February 22, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing some of the traffic woes that impact the city of Los Angeles especially when it comes to the area in and around Los Angeles International Airport. They then go on to speak about Jim Jefferies and his recent appearance on Bill Maher’s TV show opposite Piers Morgan. They then turn to the phones and speak to a caller looking for advice after his long term girlfriend broke up with him for refusing to get married.

#522: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

February 21, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the recent telecast of The Grammy awards and the things they enjoyed and were confused about including Drew’s confusion as to why this particular art form is using so many aspects of entertainment beyond music. Adam also tells Drew a confusing story about an observation he made regarding his dog poop situation about how it led him down a confusing road in his mind. As the show winds down they speak to a caller who lost her husband and is at odds with his remaining family members in terms of his burial/cremation plan.

#521: Styptic Pencil

February 20, 2017


Adam and Drew open the show by going straight to the phones talking to a caller who was recently diagnosed with a disease but is being told he can’t get treatment for several months as well as another who is recently out of the military and having trouble getting covered for the procedure his doctors are telling him he needs. They also speak to a caller worried about his drinking as well as a caller who lost one of his children at a very young age and isn’t finding success in therapy.