#308: Diamond Dallas Page

February 11, 2016


Wrestler and creator of the the DDP Yoga program Diamond Dallas Page joins Drew and Adam to talk about not only his fitness program but also his new fitness app that he hopes will bring his program to countless new people. The trio also discusses nutrition and how the changes that DDP made to his diet, while not drastic, have had dramatic effects.


#307: Skipper the Ship

February 6, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show discussing the recent Iowa Caucuses and the tight races on both sides of the aisle. They also touch on how candidates with strict religious beliefs can alienate groups of voters when logically it probably shouldn’t play as large a roll as it does in our political system. As the show wraps up Adam and Drew discuss one of their favorite people in politics.

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#306: Basketball Jones

February 3, 2016


Adam opens the show talking to Drew about Cliff Averre, a custodian from the school Adam lived across the street from who played a large role in Adam’s childhood. Adam then gives Drew an update on the growth of his family’s new dog which Adam has dubbed ‘Philly Cheesesteak’. The guys then turn to the phones and the first question steers the conversation to the HBO program ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’.


#305: Down the Flume of Life

January 31, 2016


Adam and Drew open the show talking about work ethic, especially when it comes to their good mutual friend Mark Geragos. Drew then brings up the classic film Grand Prix and he and Adam discuss their thoughts on the film as well as how it’s connected to the film ‘Le Mans’ from a similar era. They then turn to discuss professor Melissa Click who was recently charged with assault stemming from the video of her trying to get some ‘muscle’ to stop a reporter from lawfully filming a protest. As the show wraps up Adam & Drew take some listener phone calls. Superfan Sidebar >>