Adam and Chris

#233: Hair

April 25, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing Adam’s good friend Philip the Juggler and his time visiting Loveline.  They also discuss some of the more ridiculous TV shows of the 60s and 70s specifically sighting ‘The Flying Nun’.  Adam then turns to an old picture of him and his buddy Chris to discuss timelessness and foresight and how they are both very important qualities to a successful life.  As the show wraps up they turn to the phones and advise a guy who is slipping in his sobriety and a man whose stepfather is having some issues with pornography. Superfan Sidebar >>


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232 kitchen

#232: Racoon

April 22, 2015


Drew opens the show telling Adam about the recent multi-day war he has been waging against a raccoon that is trying to take over a wall in his home. They also talk about fads and how although they are an easy trap to fall into, some things are always timeless. As the show wraps up they take a listener phone call on vaccines. Superfan Sidebar >>

231 tiger woods

#231: Tiger Woods Envy

April 18, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show with Adam assisting Drew in understanding a very confusing email chain between he and his wife Susan. After Adam helps Drew sort through the confusion they turn to the phone and start by addressing a caller who believes that all guys would screw around on their wives the way Tiger Woods did if they had the opportunity. They also talk to a caller who is worried about an upcoming surgery especially after having a hard recovery road after his last procedure and a guy in his mid 20s who is surrounded by friends settling down but doesn’t feel ready yet himself. Superfan Sidebar >>

230 main

#230: The New Now

April 16, 2015


Adam opens the show telling Drew about some of the trouble he has had with the producers and crew on Catch A Contractor – especially as it relates to the sound gear. Adam also talks to Drew about the preparations for tonight’s premiere of ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman‘ and the car troubles he has been encountering while trying to get everything ready. Drew then laments to Adam how he recently misplaced his wallet and cant for the life of him think of where because of his careful routine. As the show starts to wrap up they turn to the phones and take listener calls on prescriptions leading to depression and suicide as well as how molestation and subsequent revenge by a family member can impact the victim psychologically. Superfan Sidebar >>