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#225: Guest Host Dr. Bruce

March 28, 2015


Adam is joined this week by Dr. Bruce Heischober.  They turn to the phones to take calls on celebrities who turn to politics, how Adam could’ve gotten his parents more interested in his life and a call from a commercial airline pilot who helps shed some light on the recent Germanwings disaster.


#224: Guest Host Mark Geragos

March 25, 2015


Adam is joined by guest host Mark Geragos and they open the show jumping straight to the phones to take a few questions on bullying and people incessantly calling the police for minor offenses. Mark also discusses some of the strategies involved in selecting a jury.

223 keys

#223: Keys

March 21, 2015

Adam opens the show telling Drew about a recent frustration Adam had with his wife and one of his employees misplacing a key to his home. Adam then gives an update on his son’s book Shaquille O’Neal book report. Then the guys turn to the phones taking listener phone calls from someone in their mid thirties contemplating a job change, how to train one’s wife to put their keys in the same place every day and how to deal with co-workers who seemingly have personality disorders. Superfan Sidebar >>


#222: Satisfaction

March 18, 2015


Adam and Drew open the show discussing careers and how doing a job well can be a very important overall theme when it comes to happiness in the workplace. As the calls start to come in they talk to a listener who is contemplating a career change later in life. They also talk to a caller who has a family history of schizophrenia and is concerned with his potential for developing it and someone with a question about Adam changing his mind over the course of time. Superfan Sidebar >>