Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1727 No One is Safe

June 2, 2023

Adam and Drew take a look at a montage of people wrong about COVID saying “no one is safe” and “you’re the problem”. Next, they take a call from someone who needs help setting up boundaries in their family.

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#1725 Thus Sayeth the Lord

May 29, 2023

Drew explains Gell-Mann amnesia and Adam shares a theory of how people become defensive when they know they are lying. They get into democrats being forced into a weird position where they go against their own agenda and the odd meeting where 6 feet was chosen randomly to be the social distancing norm.

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Jeffrey Malinovitz

#1724 Gavin Newsom’s Night Out

May 25, 2023

Adam and Drew take a deep dive on Gaivin Newsom’s outdoor dining regulations during the pandemic and compare it to his own public dining experiences at that time. Next, they remember the executive at SoFi stadium’s regulations during Super Bowl LVI and Drew wonders why he still has a job.

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