#1629 Food Motivated

October 2, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show discussing motivation both as it relates to an in-studio Phil (Adam’s dog) and government’s relationship with its citizens and dealing with problems. Drew also tells Adam about the conversations he has been having with people who have been “silenced” throughout the Covid pandemic and what he has learned throughout the process. Adam also recounts a TV commercial he saw recently that focuses on age, as he has tried to do since the first week of the pandemic. They also turn to the phones and speak to callers about ‘long covid’ leading to an epic Adam rant.

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#1628 You Go Find It

September 29, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew turn straight to the phones and start with a caller who wants to talk about the BYU Duke volleyball scandal where it was alleged that BYU fans were shouting racial slurs at Duke players. They also speak to a caller who has concerns surrounding a proposed law that would require reporting of people with mental illness potentially being limited in practices like buying a gun or other things and how that may lead to people avoiding treatment. Drew also brings up Adam’s recent Adam Carolla Show interview of Sid Krofft and how pleasantly surprised Drew was with how it went. They also touch on Puff, The Magic Dragon before heading back to the phones to speak to a caller with a question about echocardiograms & affirmative action.

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#1627 I’ve Solved The Problem

September 27, 2022

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking about the recent news story concerning a Canadian shop teacher who has been gaining notoriety as a result of some parents having concerns about her over exaggerated appearance. They go on to have a discussion about fetishes and how it’s possible that the fetish of reaction is a new component that isn’t being explored. Adam also explains why the school defending the actions of that teacher is a dangerous road to venture down. Drew then turns the conversation to the recent trend of (largely) red states transporting migrants to blue cities and they juxtapose the answer that Jen Psaki gave a year ago to what is going on today.

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#1626 Trajectories!

September 25, 2022

Dr. Drew joins Adam remotely from his home in New York and they open the show with Drew telling Adam about a finance expert he interviewed who has interesting thoughts on how the Covid vaccines relate to excess deaths. Adam also explains how he is an expert of trends and trajectories and how well that served him as the pandemic has unfolded and been reported on by the media. They also discuss the confusing situation unfolding where President Biden has said publicly that the pandemic is over yet California still remains under an emergency order. They also explore freedom when it applies to different states in our country.

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